Solutions For Their File Storage Needs

Data Depot provides large and small businesses with solutions for their file storage needs. Large filing cabinets, piles of paper you don’t have room for, and a lack of digital file storage space can slow down your business, make your environment disorganized, and cause you to lose important information.

Our team of file organizing experts can provide individual solutions for your company based on company size, the need for hardcopy versus digital files, and the amount of storage space you have, both physical and digital. We will work with you to reduce waste, prevent loss of information, and secure your documents to increase your business’ productivity. We continually innovate new ways to help businesses with their archives.


Business files grow and grow out of control: Your files are stuck in an attic, mini-storage or filing office space that could be used for a more productive service. The file now can be organized, sorted, alphabetized and prepared for proper storage.

We pick up and deliver files at a moment's notice. The important files you need are a phone call away.

Your files are stored in a secure facility.

Your files are organized in the computer. Daily, weekly or monthly records can be updated. Eliminate worries about audits with files ready for presentation.

From cradle to grave, files are shredded for your security.

We offer a full line of records management consulting services, including record retention, disaster prevention, recorvery and scanning your documents to disk or hard drive.

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